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Robert Lemos

Technology journalist, data researcher and programmer


  • Cite Your Sources

    Digging into a data point that has minimal citation finds it is more three years older than expected and came from a completely different source.

  • Two Decades

    February 2017 marked a major anniversary for me: Two straight decades as a journalist and writer.

  • Month in Review: No Privacy for Home Computers; The End of 'Trustworthy' Ransomware?

    It’s amazing how quickly a month can pass and how easily a commitment to regularly update your blog goes by the wayside. The past month, I’ve written more than a dozen articles, but two that deal with important events stand out.

  • Week in Review: Breach Losses No Biggie

    Phishing is one of those problems that the security industry is not going to solve. However, they are making it tougher.

  • Week in Review: USB Drives and Toothbrushes

    Ransomware is a significant threat companies and consumers. No surprise, then, that U.S. lawmakers are calling hearings on the increasing number of attacks. I hadn’t heard about the incident that disrupted the school district in Horry County, S.C. until their director of information technology testified at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, but the details are interesting.

  • Getting Past the Planning Stage

    I’m a planner. While often a good thing — planning out a large report can make the resultant work much easier — when it comes to embarking on a new projects, being a planner means running the risk of being stuck in organization. Planning becomes procrastination.

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