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Week 51 in Review: Zoom's VISS and a Surge in Zero-Days

A lot of writing this past week, but most of which won’t be published for the next few weeks, since my editors are caching articles for the coming vacation. So, I have two articles to post from the past week: One covering the differences of Zoom’s new Vulnerability Impact Scoring System, and another for that is focused on the surge in 0-day vulnerabilities over the past year.

Will Putting a Dollar Value on Vulnerabilities Help Prioritize Them? | Dark Reading

Zoom’s Vulnerability Impact Scoring System calculates the impact of a vulnerability to assign a cash payout for bugs, leading hackers to prioritize more severe flaws. Can it do the same for companies? (18 December 2023)

Zero-days aren’t just for nation-states anymore |

In 2023, attackers continue to wield more zero-day exploits against companies and individuals, using them for ransomware, surveillance and espionage. Will the number of zero-days climb further in the New Year? What can organizations do? (21 December 2023)