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Week 49 in Review: Cloud security in the Middle East, and OT ransomware

I had four articles published this week. The top story was based on analyses from Palo Alto Networks and Microsoft that showed that the Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear had continued to use a Microsoft Outlook zero-click vulnerability as late October this year. In other articles, I looked at ransomware’s growing impact on operational technology, and worries over the criticality of cloud operations to the security of companies in the Middle East.

Russian Espionage Group Hammers Zero-Click Microsoft Outlook Bug | Dark Reading

State-sponsored actors continue to exploit CVE-2023-23397, a dangerous no-interaction vulnerability in Microsoft’s Outlook email client that was patched in March, in a widespread global campaign. (8 December 2023)

Ransomware, Data Breaches Inundate OT & Industrial Sector | Dark Reading

Because of the criticality of remaining operational, industrial companies and utilities are far more likely to pay, attracting even more threat groups and a focus on OT systems. (7 December 2023)

Middle East CISOs Fear Disruptive Cloud Breach | Dark Reading

Increasingly, businesses are concerned about the speed of their cloud incident response times. (6 December 2023)

Enhancing Incident Response Playbooks With Machine Learning | Dark Reading

Cybersecurity analysts use playbooks as a guide to quickly investigate and respond to incidents, but they regularly neglect to keep the process documents up to date. (5 December 2023)