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Week 48 in Review: Ransomware in the Middle East, law firms under fire

Only two articles out this week. As part of Dark Reading’s increased focus on the Middle East and Africa, I covered the surge in ransomware and other threats due to both geopolitics and attacker’s efforts to go where the money is. In a similar vein, law firms and other legal departments have become a popular target for hackers, especially the Blackcat group, which uses SEO based on legal terms to target lawyers.

Cybercriminals use legal search terms to ensnare unwitting victims, then launch ransomware or business email compromise attacks. (30 November 2023)

Why Ransomware Could Surge in the Middle East & Africa | Dark Reading

Organizations from the Middle East and Africa have typically escaped public ransoms, but that’s changing amid heightened geopolitical conflicts and digitalization initiatives. (29 November 2023)