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Week 45 in Review: Mainframes, AI, and 'Shields Ready'

My articles this weeks spanned the seemingly old (mainframes), the seemingly new (vulnerability-fixing AIs), and the never-ending effort to stop bad guys, this time with a focus on critical infrastructure.

‘Shields Ready’ Critical Infrastructure Initiative Addresses Inevitable Cyberattacks | Dark Reading

A cyberattack is coming, disasters are certain, and the US government wants critical infrastructure firms ready to handle any disruption. Welcome to Shields Ready. (10 November 2023)

First Wave of Vulnerability-Fixing AIs Available for Developers | Dark Reading

GitHub joins a handful of startups and established firms in the market, but all the products are essentially “caveat developer” — let the developer beware. (9 November 2023)

Software Complexity Bedevils Mainframe Security | Dark Reading

The high-performance and resilient platforms satisfy critical roles, but software complexity and the graying of the specialist workforce are creating security challenges. (7 November 2023)