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Week 43 in Review: Rockwell Buys Cybersecurity, SMS 2FA Still Sticky

A breach of at least one developer on the Steam game platform led Valve, the owner of Steam, to required a cell number for every developer for 2-factor authentication, despite the fact that SMS is considered to be the least secure second-factor. Meanwhile, the industrial control industry continues to partner or purchase cybersecurity services.

Rockwell’s Verve Buy Enlivens Critical Infrastructure Security | Dark Reading

The industrial automation giant agrees to buy Verve Industrial Protection, joining in an ICS trend of bringing cybersecurity capabilities in-house to keep up with attackers. (26 October 2023)

Valve’s 2FA Mandate for Game Developers Shows SMS Stickiness | Dark Reading

Despite warnings that sending one-time passwords via text messages is a flawed security measure, companies continue to roll out the approach, especially in consumer-facing applications. (23 October 2023)