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Week 42 in Review: A Look as OSQuery, a README feature on MOVEit

Open-source software is the critical technology that has allowed cloud services to take off. Why has a similar effect not happened in the security world. The open-source infrastructure around information security is there, but agents — such as osquery are not leading to common ecosystems. Also, three months after the late-May MOVEit compromises, organizations are still disclosing breaches. Why the delay and what’s it mean?

Open Source Security Agents Promise Greater Simplicity, Flexibility | Dark Reading

Endpoint management based on open source agents, such as osquery, could simplify IT management and security while giving larger firms more customization options. (18 October 2023)

MOVEit Transfer saga shows danger of the ‘Dark Middle’ |

When attackers find vulnerabilities in software used by service providers with dozens or hundreds of clients, the impact of a breach can quickly spiral out of control. (18 October 2023)