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Getting past the planning stage

I’m a planner. While often a good thing — planning out a large report can make the resultant work much easier — when it comes to embarking on a new projects, being a planner means running the risk of being stuck in organization. Planning becomes procrastination.

As a freelancer focused on pursuing interesting work, I’ve fought against that nature. While I’ve adopted a variety of productivity tools to keep organized, yet at the same time productive, one of the most beneficial is the fast feedback loops of produce-analysis-iteration cycle that is commonly encapsulated as the Agile process. (This is a variant of the Plan-Do-Study-Act process, where I de-emphasize planning. It’s still there, and always will be for a planner, but I try to focus on the doing.)

I could go into a long story about the trajectory I’ve taken through different blogging and Web technologies to have a portfolio site online — and perhaps I will in the future — but I realized earlier this year, that I had let part of my online presence go fallow. So here is the latest incarnation of my portfolio site. It’s very basic, but I hope to iterate frequently over the next month and get the site closer to what I envision.